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Anonymous - Hello! I'm a vegetarian & I was wondering if you had any suggestions for healthy snacks. If you could include portion sizes too, that'd be great! :)

Hello there :) 

Fresh, raw, organic fruits and vegetables should ALWAYS be the go to snacks! Raw organic apples, blueberries, and oranges, or baby carrots and celery sticks served with plant-based dips, sauces, nut butters, or condiments are definitely the healthier choice, compared to the vegan version of a Snickers bar!

Raw, dried fruits, nuts, and seeds are also great options, but most dried fruits are machine-dried (which means they aren’t raw), so look for brands that label their products as sun-dried or freeze-dried.

If your craving…

Chips: Terra Vegetable Chips are SO good. They have them at Trader Joes, Earth Fare, and probably any health food store
Chocolate: Go Raw Organic Vegan Truffles
Granola Bar: Odwalla bars are delicious! I also like Clif & Luna bars

Health food stores are usually very vegan-friendly. Earth fare’s vegan chocolate chip cookies are to die for!!

Click here for more snack ideas!

Good luck & stay healthy :) xoxo - LL 

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